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Creating, Shaping, & Inspiring: Services


Master Classes

Birkadze is invited to teach around the world, from students to professionals.  He is available as a guest teacher, as well as for master classes.  For other inquiries please feel free to get in touch.



New Creations

Recognized for his musicality and a natural ability to create movement, Birkadze is a sought-after choreographer with a unique ability to tell stories on stage.  His passion and creativity of movement has been recognized internationally bringing him to create works on highly regarded companies and some of the greatest dancers on stage today.



and other Large Events

With over 15 years of experience organizing galas and events, Birkadze continues to pursue ways to bring top level artists to cities around the world.  Moving dancers and companies, and exposing them to new audiences.


Guest Appearances

Interviews, Speaking, Judges Panel

Birkadze has had an especially rich life in the arts.  He has experienced a number of diverse avenues within the dance world and has a vast knowledge and interest in it's history.  He studied under some of the greatest dancers, and has worked with choreographers who have helped to shape where dance is today.  Birkadze is also recognized in the world of Martial Arts, which has been the subject of numerous interviews covering his relationship with these two arts.

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